Robert Volpe

Associate Professor
  • Department of Applied Psychology

Office: 413 International Village
Phone: 617.373.7970

 Education: Ph.D., Lehigh University

Certification: Dr. Volpe is a certified school psychologist.

Specializations: School Psychology

Research: Dr. Volpe’s primary research interests center around (a) designing and evaluating behavioral assessment measures and systems to support school-based problem solving for emotional and behavior problems, (b) interventions to support the school functioning of students with ADHD, and (c) interventions to support early literacy development. He is Principle Investigator on a 4-Year Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences Measurement Grant (Project iFAB) to develop a web-based system to monitor student social behavior.

Service: Dr. Volpe serves on the editorial boards of Journal of School Psychology, School Psychology Review, School Mental Health and Journal of Attention Disorders. He is President Elect of the Society for the Study of School Psychology. He is Co-Director of the Center for Research in School-based Prevention.

Courses: Learning Problems, Advanced Psychometric Principles, School Psychology Practicum Seminar.
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Recent Publications (* student co-author)

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 Cook, C. R., Volpe, R. J., & Gresham, F. M. (in press). Technical adequacy, classification accuracy, and social validity of the Student Externalizing Behavior Screener. Assessment for Effective Intervention.

 Ogg, J. A., Volpe, R. J., & Rogers, M. A. (in press). Understanding the relationship between inattention and early literacy trajectories in kindergarten. School Psychology Quarterly.

Volpe, R. J., & Briesch, A. M. (in press). Dependability of two scaling approaches to direct behavior rating multi-item scales assessing disruptive classroom behavior. School Psychology Review.

Volpe, R. J., & Briesch, A. M. (2015). Multi-item direct behavior ratings: Dependability of two levels of assessment specificity. School Psychology Quarterly.

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