Project iFAB

Project iFAB (Formative Assessment of Behavior) is a 4-Year project funded by the Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Special Education Research. The focus of the project is to develop a web-based system for monitoring student social behavior, which can be used to inform decision-making in school-based problem solving models. Over the four years of the project (2016-2020) we will work with our community partners to develop a user-friendly system to make data collection, data management, and decision-making as easy as possible, while maintaining desirable technical characteristics.


School-based Behavior Screening Practices

This study is funded by the Institute for Educational Sciences National Center for Education Research. The 4-Year study (2014-2017) is investigating the implications of school-wide behavior screening for systems, policy, and research.


School-wide Screening and Intervention

We are working with a number of local school districts to develop supports for student social-emotional development. We focus on simplifying the process of identifying at-risk students and tailoring classroom supports for them. We are currently working closely with our district partners to refine our model to maximize sustainability and effectiveness.