Life in Mission Hill: Maya Isakharova

Maya Isakharova, 80, once slept on a bleak, concrete slab in a one-room apartment with her seven siblings and mother. They rarely had covers or pillows and were in the middle of the Soviet Union. “We were very poor,” said Isakharova. It was 1942. She had lost her 18-year-old sister … Continue reading

Life in Mission Hill: Justin Brogden

Justin Brogden, 31, has lived in Mission Hill for three and half years. He loves it. “You could be in [downtown] Boston within 20 minutes,” he said. Brogden admitted that the biggest challenge facing the neighborhood is the affordability. “It used to be an area that was pretty … Continue reading

Life in Mission Hill: Ali Dutson

As the principal of Mission Grammar School, Ali Dutson, 35, has hundreds of children. Her school is part of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, which sits atop Mission Hill. The soft-spoken, yet charismatic 35-year-old began her teaching career in 2001 as a tutor at Mission Grammar. At the … Continue reading