Cru Agape

Malisa Ellis


Malisa has worked with CRU/Agape for the past 13 years in various locations, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Northwest part of the United States. Six years ago, Brian Ellis, her now husband, proposed and she moved to Boston to work alongside him in CRU. Malisa is currently on the leadership team for the CRU Boston City team, giving leadership to the CRU movements at Northeastern, Boston University, and the Colleges of the Fenway. Brian and Malisa have two daughters.

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Pebble Williams


Pebble graduated from University of Oklahoma with at B.A. in French. She has worked for CRU/Agape for 25 years in a variety of leadership roles in Texas, France and Boston. Pebble is an activist at heart, motivated by helping people understand the depths of God’s love for them. She has a passion for creating safe places for students to explore faith and Jesus and helping students develop their relationship with God. She is married to NU Spiritual Advisor, Todd Williams and they have 2 children. She values cooking as an art-form to bring people together in community, but don’t ask her to bake. Ask her about local half-marathons, travel tips in the US and abroad, leadership development and current events.

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Catholic Center

Adam Drogomirecki


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Brita Vitello


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Br. Austin Riordan


Campus Minister, Pastoral Staff |
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Br. Logan Murray


Pastoral Staff, Outreach & Religious Education |
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Fr. Paul Helfrich, BH


Pastoral Staff Chaplain
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Katie Hollcraft


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Kevin McNaughton


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Michael Bielejeski


Chapter Leader |
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Renee Lemire


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Sarah Hebel


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Conscious Connections

Danzel Jones


Danzel Jones is a first generation Masters candidate within the College of Professional Studies in the Digital Media program. Born and raised in Lawrence, MA, currently residing in Methuen. He is the co-founder and co-facilitator for Faith Fridays/Conscious Connection. Danzel identifies as a non-denominational Christian and serves as a minister at his home church in Haverhill, MA. A random interesting fact about him is that he can quote his favorite movies word for word after seeing it one time.

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Lei Douglas


Lei Douglas (she, her, hers) is an Area Coordinator in Residential Life and has been at Northeastern for the past 3 years. She is the co-founder and co-facilitator of Conscious Connections. Born and raised in Southern California, she enjoys spending time at the beach, sharing time with friends, and sharing a good meal. She identifies as a Christian (Baptist) and attends Morning Star Baptist Church in Mattapan, MA. Fun Fact: she is self-proclaimed in the following areas- home chef, shower singer, and roller skater.

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Samuel Ahove


In 2021, Shannon graduated from Northeastern University with a major in health science and minors in psychology and health psychology. She discovered ASMR videos on YouTube in 2016 and has since watched them primarily to aid with studying, but also to relax or sleep. Her senior Capstone project examines the current scholarly research on ASMR and describes the prevalence of ASMR use by Northeastern students, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Faith in Action (Affiliated with Open Table; position currently open)

First Love

Samuel Ahove


Samuel Ahove graduated from Northeastern University with an MSA/MBA. Upon graduation, he has worked in Public Accounting in the Boston and New England area. In 2013, he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and experienced a great change in his life. Since then has grown in his faith in Christ, forming great friendships along the way. Samuel has served in Boston with First Love since 2014. First Love is a global ministry of young and vibrant Christian students and young adults who challenge and encourage young people to (1) embrace the wisdom of seeking and serving God in their youth and (2) impact their schools and communities positively through the love of Christ. When he is not working with First Love, Samuel loves spending time with his family, watching and playing European football (soccer), reading, traveling, listening to and creating music, and listening to messages/sermons.

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Greek Orthodox/Orthodox Christan Fellowship

Jack Bushell


My name is Jack Andrew Bushell and I am currently a student of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies. I graduated from Joseph Case High School in Swansea Massachusetts, my home town, in 2015. I currently work of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Boston as a chanter and Sunday School director, but have had the immense privilege of serving in various churches across the Metropolis of Boston. I am a camp counselor and staff member of the Metropolis of Boston camp in New Hampshire and aid in helping the youth of our Metropolis in leading a spiritual life in Jesus Christ. My hobbies outside of school include golf, playing guitar, and reading. I look forward to working with our Young Adults of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship as well as those of other faiths in unity and love!

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Holistic Healing

Mairead Day


As a Registered Nurse working in pediatrics and public health,an NU alum and previous Resident Assistant, I recognized the strong need for stress-reduction techniques. Stress was the common thread that seemed to effect the lives of everyone I knew; my residents, my peers, my colleagues, my patients, my family, my friends, and myself. After finding Reiki in a time of need, I knew I needed to share my story and this healing tool. I hope to utilize my experience as a RN, Reiki Master Trainer and Soul Realignment® Practitioner with certifications in Gem Stone Therapy and Meditation to help others recognize the gift of their own power to heal and feel better. Just as importantly, as a daughter, friend, sister, sunshine lover, a Leo (for better or for worse), millennial, and an autoimmune disease patient, I hope to help you understand how to ride the wave of the ups and downs of daily life and practice this healing mindset in a practical way!

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Ruthann Stiles


Ruthann Stiles loves faculty, staff, and students and digging into the Bible manuscripts together. Retired from Northeastern University after 39 years, she is now a volunteer with Northeastern InterVarsity Multiethnic Christian Fellowship serving undergraduate and graduate students. She helps facilitate a manuscript Bible study on Mondays, noon-1, in the Reflection Room, 201 Ell Hall, welcoming all faculty, staff, and students to ask questions, dig in and discover together.

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Professor Marc H. Meyer


Professor Marc started our University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs and has led them for many years. More recently, his innovation work has taken him to South Korea. While there, he became a student of KoukSunDo, and then, a program designer and instructor as part of the World KoukSunDo Federation. Now, he would like to share this spiritual practice with the Northeastern community. KoukSunDo is an ancient Korean Taoist meditation practice that combines elements of mindfulness, breathing, energy movement, and dance. Put simply, it uses different extended movements to stimulate organs, muscles, and circulate blood flow. It also calms the mind. People find Kouk Sun Do to be deeply spiritual while improving strength and flexibility. And the dance movements with the music are pure, graceful, and fun.

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Mar Thoma Church

Vinay D. Mathew


Vinay graduated from Northeastern in 2017 with a master’s in Industrial Engineering. Vinay had developed a passion for the people side of organizations. Being an engineer, he focused more on the number side of the human capital. Through his undergrad days, he has been associated with many Christian and NGO groups. Being a follower of Christ, he believes that he has been called out to serve, rather than been served. Through three other ministries, he has been working among underprivileged communities in Boston. He is an ardent believer that with love we can make the world a better place. Vinay loves reading, playing tennis, cooking, traveling and laughing out loud.

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Meditation Fellows (Mellows)

Benjamin Gincley

Benjamin Gincley

Benjamin Gincley is a PhD student at and alumnus of Northeastern, completing a B.S. in Bioengineering in May 2019. He got involved in spiritual life at the CSDS his first year of undergrad first through the daily guided meditation sessions, and soon after joined the NU Buddhist Group as a student member. Ben quickly started filling in for meditation guides on an as-needed basis that year, and then began leading his own dedicated session time in the Fall of 2015. He has led meditations ever since, and has taken on an unofficial role of helping to facilitate the guided meditation program after the departure of former Buddhism and Mindfulness advisor Seonjoon Young in Spring 2018. Ben has also acted as a student leader in the NU Buddhist community, as treasurer and president of the student organization, and facilitated interfaith meetings, events, and retreat workshops.

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Laura Dudley


Dr. Laura Dudley is an Associate Clinical Professor and Associate Chair of the Applied Psychology Department at Northeastern University. She is a Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA) with more than 20 years of clinical experience and 10 years of higher education teaching experience. Laura Dudley is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) and meditation instructor who teaches mindfulness courses at Northeastern, with a combined focus on the science and spirituality of mindfulness and meditation. She is a mindfulness fellow and yoga affiliate with the Center for Spirituality, Service and Dialogue who speaks at local, national, and international conferences on topics focusing on human behavior and mindfulness. .

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Pallavi Bharadwaj


Pallavi is a Visiting Research Scientist in Northeastern University and is extremely passionate about sustainability in the inner and outer world. She has been an avid meditator for last ten years. Inspired by the positive change in her life, she underwent the Art of Living training and became a Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2014. In last five years Pallavi has volunteered to lead free meditation sessions for tens of thousands of people from rural to urban areas in India and has been actively contributing in Boston since she moved here. Her audience ranges from kids to college students, from corporates to scientists and from homemakers to bankers. She believes that the inner peace and outer dynamism is the mantra for success and the key to it is meditation.

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Rachel Johanek

Rachel Johanek

Rachel is a second-year student studying Computer Science and Linguistics at Northeastern. She became involved with the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service her first year through attending Interfaith NU events, volunteering for Peace through Play, and going on an alternative spring break trip. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for several years now and began leading guided meditations for CSDS in the fall of 2019. Rachel is excited to be a meditation fellow and believes that meditation is a powerful tool for bringing love into each other’s and our own lives.

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NU React

Husna Ellis


Husna is a interfaith fellow with the Boston Interfaith Leadership Initiative. Last summer, she did a dialogue in Jordan to better understand the Syrian refugee crisis through a different lens. She studies bioengineering in the hopes of applying it for greater healthcare accessibility. In her free time, she enjoys staying active by playing sports and keeping up to date on political issues.

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NU Yesplus

Latika Menon


Latika Menon is a scientist, entrepreneur, and meditator. She is a physics professor and conducts research in the area of nanotechnology. She has founded a start-up company Menon Labs Inc. that develops filtration membranes for water treatment. She is also a breathing and meditation instructor and has taught over 200 people so far, mostly students and young professionals from Boston and Cambridge. At Northeastern, she works with the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service and the Center for Student Involvement serving as the faculty advisor for the student meditation club NU Yesplus (Northeastern chapter affiliated with International Association for Human Values (IAHV). NU Yesplus has held several breathing and silence meditation retreats on campus.

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Sojourn Collegiate Ministry

Angelica St Louis


Angelica St Louis graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2017. She currently is following her passion for caring for others through her second year internship with Sojourn Collegiate Ministry. Angelica hopes to continue having challenging conversations, help individuals through their low moments, and bring some of her positive experiences from her first year internship at Rhode Island College.

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Spiritual Directions

Aaron B. Daniels

Rachel Johanek

In addition to being a Mindfulness Fellow in Northeastern University’s Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service, Aaron B. Daniels is a Visiting Associate Teaching Professor in the Psychology Department. He is also a Research Fellow with Psychology & the Other, a biennial international, interdisciplinary conference and initiative to reposition psychology within the humanities, based out of Boston College. His PhD is from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California where he focused on Archetypal Psychology with a dissertation on the use of imagination by criminal profilers. His MA is from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he studied existential phenomenology. His BA with honors is from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. His books are: Imaginal Reality, Volumes 1 & 2 (both in 2011); Jungian Crime Scene Analysis: An Imaginal Investigation (2014); and, most recently, he contributed four chapters and edited Dante and the Other: A Phenomenology of Love (2021). Aaron has been teaching in higher education for two decades. A psychotherapist in Seattle for 10 years, he worked in community and private practice, achieving LGBT-specialist status. His current research centers on the ‘inscrutably alien’ and spiritual direction, a field in which he will complete certification in 2022. Film, science-fiction, and ‘weird’ literature are frequent additions to his classes and research.
Aaron’s youth and young adult life involved deep explorations of faith traditions. Growing up in Ohio, he was privileged to have monthly visits to an Amish farm. His father’s family has deep roots in the Quakers and his home was a site of lively—and sometimes contentious—religious discussions. Brought up in the Lutheran Church, Aaron has since explored many other practices and beliefs including Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Wicca, and some of the many dark alleys of the Western Esoteric Traditions. This has led him to find that the language, rituals, and imagery of spirituality, religion, and mysticism can offer unique access to fundamental frontiers of our being and relationships too easily covered over by our everyday beliefs about the world. As tools to gain some ‘quiet in the storm’ of all the images constantly bombarding us, he has found mindfulness and meditation indispensable. Given this diversity of experiences, Aaron and his wife have found a welcoming home in the Episcopal Church where they cherish participating in the rich liturgy, commitment to social justice, incarnational theology, and beautiful music.

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Carla Canovi


My name is Carla Canovi and I am a first year at northeastern. I have been practicing yoga my entire life I have found that it keeps me grounded and can be extremely healing. Last year, I decided that I wanted to help others experience the same thing so I got my 200 hr certification. I specialize in yoga for anxiety, hip openers and back pain. My goal is to promote spiritual development and healing in others through the practice of yoga.

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Foram Mahesh Mehta


My name is Foram Mahesh Mehta, I have been learning yoga for seven long years and developed a passion for it at very young age. Yoga gives you POWER and PEACE. It helps us in various aspects of our life, to find the inner peace and everlasting happiness. I have been teaching yoga to students from different parts of the world i.e. Indian, Germany, Canada.

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Krissy Kilgallen


Krissy Kilgallen is a third year Psychology major with a minor in Sociology, a 200-hr RYT, and has taken trainings in yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga, and anatomy for yoga. Krissy has been practicing her whole life, having an aunt who owns a studio in her hometown, but not until a close friend passed away two years ago did she recognize the power yoga had in her life and her passion to share it grew. Krissy’s classes are geared towards mental health and wellbeing— incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and traditional spiritual practices in an accessible and empowering way, allowing students to feel more autonomous over their emotions and thoughts. The path of yoga is the path of liberation, from the suffering perpetuated by vacillations of the mind. This liberation leads to the ultimate union between the seemingly separate Self and the Universe; and the physical practice gives us an outlet to create not only space in the body, but the flexibility and steadiness in the mind. Krissy’s goal is to provide students with a taste of this liberation and support them in their journey through the supportive practices she provides.

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Laura Dudley


Dr. Laura Dudley is an Associate Clinical Professor and Associate Chair of the Applied Psychology Department at Northeastern University. She is a Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA) with more than 20 years of clinical experience and 10 years of higher education teaching experience. Laura Dudley is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) and meditation instructor who teaches mindfulness courses at Northeastern, with a combined focus on the science and spirituality of mindfulness and meditation. She is a mindfulness fellow and yoga affiliate with the Center for Spirituality, Service and Dialogue who speaks at local, national, and international conferences on topics focusing on human behavior and mindfulness.

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Liz Bucar


I’m a Professor of Religion at Northeastern (come take one of my courses!) and a recently certified Kripalu yoga teacher. Yoga is a family tradition: my mom has been teaching yoga since 1970 and I’ve been practicing since a college rowing injury to my back. My primarily goal is to create a safe and shame-free space for you to try out new things, destress, and focus. In my classes you can expect precise alignment and breath cues to help you safely deepen your practice through asana, meditation, and pranayama.

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Youth With a Mission

Jeongho Cho (Ryan Cho)


Jeongho Cho (Ryan Cho) is originally from South Korea where he received his degree in Business Administration. He has traveled to 17 countries since he was a college student. Currently he is working on a Masters of Divinity in Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has been working with YWAM Boston as the campus ministry director for eight years. He has a passion for international students ministry, missional church planting, and family and marriage counseling. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and basketball. Jeongho Cho and his wife, Emily, have three children.

Youth With a Mission |

Youth Empowerment Ministry

Asher Plange


Asher Plange studied Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and now works as an Intellectual Property Business Analyst. While at WPI, Asher became one of the executive board members of Youth Empowerment Ministry (YEM). Upon graduation, he became the Campus Ministry Director and now co-oversees the four established YEM clubs along the east coast. He is also musically inclined, playing the piano and serving as the music director for the Youth and Young Adults at his home church, Upper Room Family International Church (Worcester/Leominster, MA). Asher is currently pursuing his Health Sector Management MBA with a concentration in Innovation and Strategy at Boston University. He is passionate about serving people, demonstrating the full gospel and seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is looking forward to sharing his story with his new Northeastern family.

Youth Empowerment Ministry |

Prince Edmond Kumah


Prince Edmond Kumah received his BS in Psychology at Worcester State University and is currently studying in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Quinisigammond Community College in Worcester, Massachusetts. As the president of Youth Empowerment Ministry (a non-denominational and a multi-ethnic youth ministry), he is passionate about helping young people discover their God-given purpose and emphasizes the need for personal relationship with God in this discovery. He is excited about the opportunity to make an impact at Northeastern and foster unity with one another.

Youth Empowerment Ministry |