The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service attends to the spiritual needs of the Northeastern community. The Center builds partnerships across university departments and disciplines—and with religious communities and public service agencies locally, nationally, and internationally—to help students become engaged citizens, peace builders, and leaders equipped to tackle pressing global problems.

CSDS/Spiritual Life Annual Goals 2020-21

  • The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service will Offer experiences of radical hospitality, authentic community, wellbeing, leadership development, and personal/social transformation.
  • Advance the understanding and practice of authentic diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and antiracism in Northeastern’s spiritual communities, campus life, and wider society
  • Implement innovative programs to engage learners worldwide with flexible remote platforms in response to global pandemics
  • Cultivate global mindset and global citizenship skills among lifelong learners
  • Celebrate and serve the distinct religious needs and contributions of international students and historically underrepresented religious/spiritual/humanist communities
  • Promote personal spiritual growth, identity formation, and ethical reflection
  • Curate mindfulness, contemplative, self and other-care, and interfaith literacy workshops and trainings for Northeastern students, faculty, and staff across campus networks
  • Provide campus, national, and global leadership in Spirituality and the Arts through innovative programs and new Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts
  • Build a global campus network culture of interfaith understanding and cooperation
  • Reimagine and redirect service/social action focus in light of current pandemic, Black Lives matter, voter engagement, and social/environmental justice challenges
  • Expand working partnerships with NU campus network, Cultural Life, faculty and staff colleagues, wider national higher education partners, and an emerging NU Spiritual Life Alumni Network