Anne L. van de Ven, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Director, Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine
Associate Director, Nanomedicine Academy of Minority Serving Institutions
Associate Director, CaNCURE Cancer Nanomedicine Co-op Program
Director, Experimental Nanotherapeutics Laboratory

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Research Interests

Nanomedicine is ushering in an era of individualized therapy.  To realize this vision, we not only need advances in nanomaterials, but also new tools to study and optimize interactions at the bio-nano interface. My research combines high throughput nanoparticle synthesis with quantitative imaging & multi-scale modeling to optimize nanotherapeutics for cancer and antibiotic-resistant infections.  My areas of expertise include: intravital microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, optical instrumentation, nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, drug delivery, and animal models of cancer.


Anne L. van de Ven, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine at Northeastern University.   She has 17 years experience in translational nanomedicine and experimental nanotherapeutics.  Dr. van de Ven has pioneered several educational initiatives to train students and increase the diversity of the nanomedicine workforce, including the Nanomedicine Academy of Minority Serving Institutions and the CaNCURE Cancer Nanomedicine Co-op Program.    She is the recipient of 3 awards from the National Cancer Institute, including the Physical Sciences in Oncology Pilot Project Award (×2) and the Young Investigator Trans-Network Award.  Dr. van de Ven received her Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Richards-Kortum in 2008.  From 2009 to 2013, Dr. van de Ven received postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Mauro Ferrari, where she developed optical techniques for real-time monitoring individual nanoparticles in live mice.


All courses are taught simultaneously to ~150 students/year at NEU, TU, UPRM, FIU, and MSU

NNMD 5270 – Introduction to Nanomedicine Science & Technology

NNMD 5370 – Nanomedicine Research Techniques

NNMD 5470 – Bio- and Nanomedical Commercialization: From Concept To Market

NNMD 5272 & 5274 – Nanomedicine Seminar Series

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