Creating a National Nanomedicine Classroom

The Nanomedicine Academy offers a variety of courses that are taught simultaneously in classrooms across the nation.  Students attend live lectures hosted by local faculty and then complete individual and team-based activities online.  These courses are open to all STEM students at our partner institutions. Students: To find the course designations for your school, check the table below!

Introduction to Nanomedicine Science and Technology

This course introduces science and engineering concepts important in nanomedicine.  Through a combination of lectures and symposia, students are taught fundamentals of nanotechnology, followed by first-hand accounts of how these concepts can be applied to problems in medicine (Fall, 3 credits).  See the Syllabus

Nanomedicine Seminar Series

This year-round seminar series exposes students to research and innovation in the field of nanomedicine.  Experts from hospitals, government, academia, and industry provide weekly rotating talks on a wide range of nanomedicine technologies and their applications. (Fall & Spring, 1 credit). See the Syllabus

Bio- and Nanomedical Commercialization: From Concept To Market

Learn how to take ideas in nanomedicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences from concept to market. This course features weekly talks by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and regulatory officials. Fundamental concepts for market evaluation, raising capital, protecting intellectual property, regulatory considerations, and building a thriving business are discussed. (Spring, 3 credits). See the Syllabus

Nanomedicine Research Techniques

This course provides students with an in-depth look at nanomedicine theory, research methods, and instrumentation.   Students gain hands-on experience in a wide range of laboratory techniques including nanoparticle synthesis, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, optical microscopy, NMR, MRI, and AFM (Spring, 3-4 credits). See the Syllabus

These courses are cross-listed at all 5 partner institutions.  To find the correct course number for your institution, check the table below!

Nanomedicine Course Listings by Institution
Intro to Nanomedicine NNMD5270 MSEG-690D INQU8104 PHYS526 BME5573
Bio/Nano Commercialization NNMD5470 MSEG-690K INGE5067 BIOL619 BME5994
Nanomedicine Seminar NNMD5272
MSEG-690J INQU5085 PHYS790 BME5993