The Learning Disabilities Program (LDP) is a fee-based, comprehensive academic support program for Northeastern University undergraduate day students whose primary disability is a learning disability and/or attention deficit disorder.

Each LDP student meets individually with his or her LDP specialist in scheduled sessions that occur twice a week and last for one hour. The regular schedule of meetings allows for a proactive, collaborative approach that promotes students’ academic growth and achievement. The content of these meetings is determined by the student’s goals, learning profile, and coursework. Areas addressed may include studying and test-taking strategies, reading, writing, executive functioning (e.g., planning, time management, and organization), setting and monitoring progress toward goals, and use of accommodations and campus resources.

We encourage students and families to learn more about the Learning Disabilities Program and its services through the pages listed on the above navigation bar. In addition to these resources, we offer information sessions to prospective students and their families. Please contact us directly before you visit campus to schedule an information session with the LDP staff.

Please note: Basic accommodations for students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder are provided at no cost by the Disability Resource Center.