Get Started

Start a venture, join our team, become a coach

Start a Venture

Are you ready to start a venture? The first step in registering your venture with IDEA is to attend a New Venture Information Session. You must have some connection with Northeastern University to take advantage of our program, such as being a student, an alumni, a faculty member, or a staff.

Join Management

The IDEA management team is led by 31 Northeastern University undergraduate students from varying educational backgrounds that are passionate about helping ventures succeed and growing the IDEA program to reach its full potential.

Become a Coach

Another way to get involved with IDEA is by becoming a Coach. The ideal candidate for a Coach is someone who has had experience with entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship, has a minimum of 1-2 years’ work experience, and is passionate about giving back to the Northeastern University community. There are two ways to get involved as a Coach, either as a Ready Stage Coach or a Venture Coach.