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Hello! We are looking for excited and talented students to join our team.

Our applications will close 11:59PM on August 20, 2018.

IDEA is Northeastern University’s student-led venture accelerator. We support hundreds of Northeastern’s entrepreneurs working on startups every day – students, faculty, staff, and alumni – through offering free business development education and resources. We are run almost entirely by undergraduate students (with help from our staff members). Student leadership means a lot to us, and we think it makes IDEA even better. We have worked with hundreds of companies since our start in 2010 and take this work seriously, while having fun along the way.

Over this next year we will be working on a number of initiatives to improve IDEA and better provide for the entrepreneurship community at Northeastern. We invite students from all backgrounds and disciplines to join us.

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This team works most closely with our ventures. Team members deliver the IDEA business development process to our ventures. They provide education, connections to resources and individuals, and pathways to funding opportunities. A few sample activities include running content-area workshops, strategizing over how to implement new programming, and analyzing funding applications.

This team promotes IDEA’s brand and communicates directly to the entrepreneurial community. This include advertising and putting on events, writing blog posts, posting on social media, and any interactions made online or during events. Team members are part of the decision-making process on how, when, and where our brand is perceived.

This team, the newest within IDEA, is dedicated to supporting and improving the various communities we interact with. This includes ventures, coaches (volunteers teaching ventures about entrepreneurship), external relations, and the management team itself. While the day-to-day is not yet defined, this team will work with people from all of IDEA’s communities to understand who we are, who we work with, and to create new relationships to provide more for our ventures.

Start a Venture

If you’re interested in getting started at IDEA with your concept, the first step is to attend New Venture Orientation.
At this session you will learn about the IDEA program, available resources, and next steps for developing your venture.