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by Annika Morgan

  Over the past six years, IDEA has made a tremendous impact on the Northeastern entrepreneurial community. As a university program, IDEA has provided the resources, support and mentorship for hundreds of ventures to have the profound educational experience of building a business from concept to launch. As the program grows, we take great care to ensure that we are constantly improving to provide the best service and experience for our ventures. With this in mind, it is important to reflect on where we have been in order to set the stage for where we are heading.   This spring we developed IDEA’s first annual Impact Report to measure and share our progress with our community. We gathered metrics from all of IDEA’s stakeholders related to our mission of supporting Northeastern entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through educational experiences and launching successful companies.   We created this report to:
  1. Showcase our exceptional community of entrepreneurs
  2. Hold ourselves accountable for the value we intend to provide to our ventures
  3. Thank all the people who put in the time and resources to make the magic happen
We’ve had a tremendous year and are extremely proud of the impact we have made on our community and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead!   Please view and feel free to share the digital version of our Impact Report (below).