Jonathan Mboyo Esole



My area of research is at the interface of string theory and mathematics. I explore the geometry of string theory, specially in the context of F-theory. String theory is an attempt to unify all the fundamental interactions of Nature into a unique consistent and elegant theory. Interestingly, this endeavor has produced a lot of new ideas and insights in many different areas of mathematics. It has built bridges between communities of scientists that at first look would not have much to talk about. Experimental proofs of string theory have yet to come but as a source of inspiration for mathematics, it is a success story.

I specifically study the geometry of elliptic fibrations as seen from the point of view of string theory. Elliptic curves are some of the oldest, yet most prominent objects across mathematics. My research has direct applications to gauge theories, Grand Unified Theories, and the study of topological defects in conformal field theories.

Research Grants

My research is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant DMS-1406925 “Elliptic Fibrations and String Theory”.

I co-organize the NSF funded workshop series DMS-1603247 “A Three Workshop Series on the Physics and Mathematics of F-theory” (2016-2018) with Paolo Aluffi (Florida State) , Lara B. Anderson (Virginia Tech), and Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard) . The workshop series will rotate between Virginia Tech, Harvard University, and Florida State University. The goal of the workshop series is to facilitate progress on pressing problems at the interface of algebraic/differential geometry and string theory. The first workshop was held at Virginia Tech on October 8th and 9th, 2016.

Invited Seminars, Workshops and Conferences