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What We Do

Whether you are leading innovation for your global company, looking for early stage investment opportunities, or considering starting up a cutting-edge technology company, the Center for Research Innovation is your portal into Northeastern University’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

CRI Entrepreneurs What We Do


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See opportunities to commercialize Northeastern’s most promising technologies.
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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We can help you find the right funding source for your start up.

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Connect with an experienced mentor that can help you grow your business.
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Accell360 is your guide to building a successful startup from inception to exit. Offering a comprehensive suite of vetted resources, Accell360 empowers you to realize the commercial potential of your technological discovery. The Accell360 roadmap comprises 6 stages, each corresponding to a phase of the business life cycle: Educate, Validate, Formulate, Incorporate, Operate, Iterate.

Innovation Ecosystem

Northeastern University’s innovation ecosystem is a combination of cross-disciplinary collaboration and an entrepreneurial culture that is driven by a commitment to use-inspired research.


IDEA is a student-run venture accelerator that provides a variety of resources to Northeastern affiliated entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own businesses. Throughout the stage-gate process we provide ventures with coaching, mentoring, in-kind services, business planning framework, and the opportunity to apply for our Gap Fund.

The Entrepreneurs Club

The Entrepreneurs Club brings together students from diverse majors to build meaningful relationships and companies. The club provides tremendous opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through real-world application.

The Club’s mantra is to “Live Your Passion!,” which means that we foster a culture where members are encouraged to seek out what they enjoy the most, and explore ways to turn their passions into ventures. Whether a member wants to start a non-profit, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a veterinarian, everyone is welcome and can explore the diverse paths towards becoming an entrepreneur.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Education

The Center for Entrepreneurship Education is a university-wide resource that integrates entrepreneurship and innovation courses, entrepreneurial co-ops in early stage companies, venture incubation through our on-campus venture accelerator, IDEA, and venture funding and launch by helping our entrepreneurs network into the local angel and VC community. We serve undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni from every college in the university.

The Sherman Center

The Sherman Center’s mission is to enable interdisciplinary student entrepreneurship in the broadest sense by providing education on tools, concepts, and resources to foster creativity and the ability to develop commercially viable ideas.

Opening May 2014, the program’s curriculum is designed to arm engineering students with the appropriate entrepreneurial skills to successfully pitch and commercialize their innovations. Workshops and courses will be led by Northeastern faculty and innovators from industry.

The center complements Northeastern’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship on campus and will work closely with faculty in the D’Amore-McKim School of Busi­ness and IDEA, Northeastern’s student-run venture accelerator.


Scout is Northeastern University’s student-led design studio.

We are makers. Creative problem solvers who use design thinking to build groundbreaking experiences for our clients, our team, and the Northeastern community.

The Social Enter­prise Insti­tute

The Social Enter­prise Insti­tute (SEI) is grounded in the belief that busi­ness can be a pow­er­ful devel­op­ment tool by uti­liz­ing enterprise-based solu­tions to solve some of the world’s most press­ing social prob­lems. The SEI is a resource cen­ter housed in the D’Amore-McKim School of Busi­ness that empow­ers stu­dents to be socially moti­vated, global busi­ness leaders.

Venture Mentoring Network

The Daniel J. McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network was established by the generosity of Professor Daniel McCarthy and Jeff McCarthy, DMSB’77. It is a university-wide network that pairs qualified, experienced mentors with Northeastern ventures to solve business problems and guide them on successful paths.

The Northeastern University Center for Family Business

The Northeastern University Center for Family Business is a membership organization that provides education, networking opportunities, and support to business families. The Center for Family Business helps business families identify and avoid potential pitfalls, solve complex interpersonal and family business issues, and plan for future family business success in an ever changing and increasingly more competitive environment.

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Club

The Graduate Entrepreneurship Club (GEC) is committed to finding Northeastern students with a passion for entrepreneurship and helping them nurture their ideas into a reality. We understand the difficulty in knowing where to begin and who to talk to. GEC will continue expanding its network in order to be a resource to all graduate students at Northeastern. We work closely with other organizations and help to act as a funnel to make sure every student is guided on the correct path to success.

The Global Resilience Institute

The Global Resilience Institute is committed to informing and advancing societal resilience around the world. Individuals, communities, nations, and the systems they depend upon, can thrive only if they have the means to better withstand, recover from and adapt to the inevitable shocks and disruptive events of the 21st century. Our university-wide Institute is partnering with other leading academic research institutions, nonprofits and the public and private sectors to devise and apply practical, interdisciplinary innovations and solutions to resilience challenges.

The IP Co-Lab

The IP Co-Lab requires students to devote twenty hours per week to providing IP-related legal services to students, ventures and other participants in the university’s entrepreneurship and innovation eco-system under the supervision of clinical faculty and staff. The clinic includes opportunities to address issues related to IP rights, risks and transactions for individuals and ventures in the university community, to collaborate with faculty and others on IP learning modules, policies, presentations or workshops for this community, to develop practice skills, or to participate in operation of a legal services office. Enrollment is limited; preference given to students with other relevant courses or practical experience.


Origin creates an environment where motivated people from the Northeastern community can access the invaluable resources of Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. By enrolling in the NSF I-Corps program or directly acquiring Alpha Funding, Origin ventures will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex processes behind building a company from the prototyping stage to pitching for seed funding. We provide our ventures with the tools needed to address worldly issues in innovative and creative ways. Ultimately, through their experiences in the entrepreneurial process, teams will be equipped with a sense confidence in their ability to make their vision a reality and take the next steps towards commercialization.

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurs

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurs is a group of alumni dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in the rapidly evolving world of health care. The group, hosting events for alumni and students since 2005, has recently launched a mentoring program. To learn more about mentoring opportunities, follow the link on this site.

The George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security

The George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security offers a unique, results-driven partnership solve important security, intelligence and resilience needs.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

In partnership with Women Who Empower, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) functions as a structured and rigorous platform to mobilize Northeastern’s network of female founders and funders, active and aspiring to provide long-term leadership and access to capital, networks and resources across the globe. Join the network by filling out this form. Betsy Ludwig, executive director, women’s entrepreneurship can be reached at b.ludwig@northeastern.edu for further information.