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The Entrepreneurs Club is a student run initiative that engages and inspires students to pursue their careers & life by doing what they love. We aim to bring together a diverse set of students who all share one thing; The desire to “Live their passion!” Whether you want to start a non-profit, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or open a small business, everyone is welcome to join in exploring the many paths towards becoming an entrepreneur!

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Do you have an idea that could change the world? Whether it’s a new online pet rental service, bathroom cleaning robot, or the next cure for smelly feet, the Husky Startup Challenge (HSC) is here to help turn your idea into a company.Through a series of bootcamps, workshops, networking events and a final “Demo Day” participants will get support to finish the program with a functioning business and plans to grow.

HeadStart pairs students from all over campus with companies in IDEA, Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator. The partnerships last for one semester for the purpose of immersing students in startup life and giving them hands-on work experience.

We’ve collected a list of young and knowledgable entrepreneurs who want to meet you! You’ll have the opportunity to join 5 other Northeastern students and a Boston area founder to discuss successes, failures, working in Boston and more. This is your chance to ask these entrepreneurs the hard questions and get some quality face time.

Northeastern.io hosts a series of workshops designed to teach and inspire students to learn the basics of web app development in Flask and Python. Want to craft  the next social network, add new functionality to your favorite site, or just build yourself a personal page? The course covers it all, with no former experience necessary.

  • Alex

    "Life doesn’t have a GPA. Life is going to be full of failures and setbacks, and that’s okay, especially if you’ve chosen a life of entrepreneurship"

    —Alexis Ohanian Co-Founder of Reddit

  • pro_berkowitz

    “The one thing I’ve really learned is that you have to look at what you truly do best, what you have not yet done and to fully exploit the opportunities you have”

    —Roger Berkowitz CEO and President of Legal Seafoods

  • 0317-Pitch-CustomMade-Salguero

    "If you have something that's interesting and you're persistent, people will be willing to invest in you"

    —Mike Salguero CEO of Custom Made

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