Get Together: Michael Bronner

Tuesday, February 18th

“You have to be naive as an entrepreneur, or there will be too many factors stopping you.”  - Michael Bronner

Michael Bronner got the idea for his no junk candy company, UNREAL Candy, after an argument he had with his thirteen-year-old son on Halloween. Since then, Bronner has been selling healthier candy alternatives that don’t contain GMOs, corn syrup, and artificial ingredients online and in major food retailers like Shaws, Stop & Shop, and Target. Before UNREAL, Michael founded Upromise and Digitas.

A big thanks from the Entrepreneurs Club to Michael for speaking to us on Tuesday!

Member of the Week: Ryan Lucht

Congrats to our 2/11 Member of the Week, Ryan Lucht! Ryan is a Music Industry major, and founder of HEY WTF Records.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
1. Envision a better future, 2. marshal resources and create believers, 3. take massive action to close gap between the Now and your envisioned future, 4. Constantly adjust
Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I really, really, really love ranch dressing. I can be spotted at Steast eating fries and pizza with ranch.
What is your passion?
Music, obviously! Enabling myself and others to profitably create and share their art.
What are some of your interests?
Meditation, free jazz, surrealist film noir, organizing my iTunes library, public access television (The Chris Gethard Show!), reading (non-fiction)
How about future plans?
Make a ton of money, become a genius, develop an emotional problem, and then choose between becoming Batman or Iron Man.

Get Together: Ben Einstein

Tuesday, February 11th

“If you’re going to build a company, invest in something that will change the world. Entrepreneurship is life-sucking. You need to do something that you really love.”
Ben Einstein is managing director at Bolt, a Boston-based consulting firm and seed investor in hardware startups. Ben came to speak about Bolt’s services to the hardware startup community and some of the lessons they have learned in building their company. Thank you to Ben for taking the time to speak to the Entrepreneurs Club!

Get Together: Brandon Ciecko

Tuesday, February 4th

Brandon Ciecko started a creative services firm when he was twelve years old, after hearing that his favorite band was launching a design contest. Since then, he’s gone on to work with big names like Mick Jagger and Blink 182, as well as corporations like Samsung and Clear Channel.
In Brandon’s Entrepreneurs Club talk, “My Life in 20 Minutes or Less,” Brandon encouraged students to pursue their passions and build a brand around their skillsets. Thank you to Brandon for speaking to the Entrepreneurs Club!
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