CRI Mission

The mission of the Center for Research Innovation is to pair solution-oriented research with real-world needs for the enrichment of society through the protection, acceleration, and licensing of Northeastern innovation.

What We Do

How can the CRI help grow your spinout?

The Center for Research Innovation staff knows business: we’ve started, grown and helped companies innovate. We are here to help your high-impact innovations succeed in the marketplace. Ask us about introductions to investors, channel partners, joint venture candidates and strategic partners.

NEU CRI Supporting Spinouts

Do you need to contact a company or identify current industry needs?

If your research or inventions could have relevance to industry, the CRI can introduce you to actively interested companies. If you are contemplating a line of research and would like to gauge industry reaction, we can help you secure feedback to inform the thrust of your research. Contact Joel Bresler for more details.

Supporting Spinouts

Does the CRI provide funding?

At any given time, the CRI is piloting new funding initiatives. The Venture Catalyst pilot program provides a portfolio of resources to students and recent alumni of Northeastern University to accelerate the translation of their innovations from lab to market:

  • Funding to develop an industry relevant prototype

  • An in-kind partnership with the appropriate college to provide faculty advisement, student support and lab or shop access

  • Participation in IDEA to learn the basics of business planning and pitching

  • Mentoring by a group of seasoned alumni with appropriate backgrounds

  • Introductions to past and current awardees

The Tech2Venture pilot program turns Tech Transfer on its head. Seasoned entrepreneurs are invited to apply to Tech2Venture and, upon acceptance, given access to some of the University’s most promising technologies. The entrepreneur is then awarded a grant to develop a business plan around a technology in order to bring it to commercialization. An option agreement positions them to license the technology should they choose to commercialize it.

CRI About What we Do

Why transfer technology?

Over the past seven years, research activity at Northeastern has more than doubled. Northeastern’s cutting edge faculty focus their use-inspired research on solving the nation’s greatest challenges in health, security, and sustainability. The Center for Research Innovation connects private companies with the researchers and inventions that meet their business needs – now and in the rapidly evolving future. Our team of professionals all have business and entrepreneurial experience. We strive for a high level of responsiveness and service, moving with speed and flexibility.

CRI High Service Technology Transfer

The CRI team is agile and responsive – focused on the translation of University innovations into tangible solutions through licenses, spinouts and collaborations. Our dedication to establishing ongoing dialogue with industry informs Northeastern’s progressive research, enabling a productive balance between exploration and implementation.

Jennifer Boyle-Lynch

Jennifer Boyle-Lynch

Interim Co-Director


Joel Bresler

Joel Bresler

Technology Portfolio Director


Paige Clapp

Paige Clapp

Intellectual Property and Contracts Associate


Andy Curtin

Andy Curtin

Interim Co-Director


Nikole Lynch

Nikole Lynch

Program Coordinator


Mark Saulich

Mark Saulich

Senior Commercialization Manager


Brice Tennant

Brice Tennant

Marketing and Program Manager


Jeannie Waters

Jeanne Waters

Intellectual Property Administrator


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Annual Report
CRI Annual Reports

Another record breaking year of innovation and performance at the Center for Research Innovation. Check out our year in review!

Innovation Ecosystem

Northeastern University’s innovation ecosystem is a combination of cross-disciplinary collaboration and an entrepreneurial culture that is driven by a commitment to use-inspired research.

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