Shivani Aryasomayajula

Project Consultant

Shivani is a Northeastern alum and joined the CRI most recently as a project consultant. She earned her master’s degree in Project Management from the College of Professional Studies in 2020. In her role at the CRI, Shivani works with CRI’s intellectual property (IP), contracts, and compliance team. Her focus is crafting and administering project management and process initiatives across the CRI including management of the patent and copyright docket, reporting of subject inventions, reviewing compliance with U.S. government sponsor regulations, and supporting the CRI’s contract workflow and negotiations.

Prior to rejoining the CRI as a project consultant, Shivani worked as an Intellectual Property Assistant focusing on the CRI’s IP portfolio, related systems, and other cross-functional operations. She also completed a six-month internship as a Program Manager at Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where she collaborated with the program management and regulatory team to develop and execute project plans and support compliance for regulatory filings. Before joining the Northeastern community, Shivani practiced as an attorney for five years with experience in IP litigation and dispute resolution including trademark and copyright prosecutions, civil law, and contract negotiations and due diligence.

Shivani earned her B.A. LL. B (Hons.) from Amity Law School, India. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Telugu.

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