4G/5G Networks Software


4G/5G Cellular Networking
Image name: srslte-20-04
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Image repository: https://github.com/colosseum-wiot/colosseum-srslte-20-04

srsLTE is a free and open-source LTE software suite developed by SRS. It includes the following features:

  • srsUE - a complete SDR LTE UE application featuring all layers from PHY to IP
  • srsENB - a complete SDR LTE eNodeB application
  • srsEPC - a light-weight LTE core network implementation with MME, HSS and S/P-GW
  • a highly modular set of common libraries for PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, NAS, S1AP and GW layers.
See the srsLTE GitHub repository for more details.


NextG Cellular Networking
Image name: scope
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Image repository: https://github.com/wineslab/colosseum-scope

SCOPE is a development environment for softwarized and virtualized NextG cellular networks based on srsRAN. It provides: (i) A ready-to-use portable open-source cellular container with flexible 5G-oriented functionalities; (ii) data collection tools, such as dataset generation functions for recording cellular performance and metrics, and for facilitating data analysis; (iii) a set of APIs to control and reprogram key functionalities of the full cellular stack at run time, without requiring redeploying the network, and (iv) an emulation environment with diverse cellular scenarios closely matching real-world deployments for precise prototyping NextG network solutions.

If you use SCOPE, its APIs or scenarios, please reference the following paper: L. Bonati, S. D'Oro, S. Basagni, and T. Melodia, "SCOPE: An Open and Softwarized Prototyping Platform for NextG Systems," in Proceedings of ACM MobiSys, June 2021. [pdf] [bibtex]