The John D. O’Bryant National Think Tank for Black Professionals in Higher Education on Predominantly White Campuses (JDOTT) seeks to be at the forefront of thought and action when it comes to supporting Black higher education administrators and staff.

JDOTT, founded in 1997, has become a national model for professional and social networking, community building and support for Black higher education professionals charged with nurturing and stewarding the success of Black students. JDOTT is a non-profit organization that consists of a broad-based coalition of individuals throughout the United States and beyond.

There’s so much to gain from your JDOTT membership:

  • A national summit on topics relating to Blacks in higher education
  • Mentoring for college students and professionals and networking outlets
  • Participation in the JDOTT social media networking community
  • Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Opportunities for leadership roles and participation on committees
  • Opportunities to publish and professional development events

"If you're not here to serve the students, you're in the wrong place."

John D. O'Bryant