Wireless Information

This page has two parts: NUwave Information and Personal Router information

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NUwave Information

For help connecting to NUwave:


NUWave FAQ’s

What is NUwave?
NUwave is Northeastern University’s secured wireless internet service.

What do I need to connect to NUwave?
Besides a computer with a wireless card, students will need their myNEU credentials (username and password) to connect to NUwave.

Where can I access NUwave?
NUWave is accessible in all academic and administrative buildings on campus, and in all classrooms. By August 15, 2015, all Northeastern-owned residential buildings will have 100% NUwave access. A full list of buildings can be found here

Why should I use NUwave instead of NUwave-guest?
Northeastern students, faculty, staff and sponsored accounts must use the secure wireless network NUwave, as it protects your network activity. NUwave-guest access is intended for limited guest wireless access only. Traffic over NUwave-guest is NOT encrypted, meaning information like passwords, credit card numbers, and sensitive personal information could be captured by others in the area.

Please note that NUwave offers several advantages:

  • It is the secure wireless network on campus
  • There is no registration required – simply enter and save your myNEU credentials for easy wireless access
  • There is no time limit restriction

I’m a student, and I need help setting up my NUwave connection.
If following the instructions above does not work, you can call the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), or bring your computer to the ResNet Resource Center for further assistance.

Personal Router Information

On August 15, 2015, all Northeastern-owned residential buildings will have 100% NUwave access, and a ban on all personally-owned wireless routers and/or wireless access points will go into effect in these buildings. After August 15, 2015, any pre-existing personally-owned wireless routers and/or wireless access points must be disconnected. If you are moving into residential housing this fall, please do NOT bring your own router.

Students are only permitted to register and use personal wireless routers/access points if they live in a building that does not offer 100% NUwave access.

  • Personal wireless routers are NOT permitted in any building which has 100% secure NUwave wireless coverage (A full list of buildings can be found here).
  • ITS provides limited support for the initial set-up of wireless routers only. Troubleshooting of personal wireless equipment is NOT supported by ITS.
  • Students must register their personal wireless equipment for use on ResNet.
  • Students must use an SSID (network name) that properly identifies your location (click here for examples). Never use the SSIDs “NUwave”, “NUwave- guest”, or any variants of an SSID using the letters “NUWAVE” or “NUwave-guest”. These SSIDs are reserved for University use only. Unauthorized use of University-reserved SSIDs may subject the violator to suspension of service and/or referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.
  • Students are responsible and liable for all activity originating from their ResNet port.
  • All students will still have a supported wired ResNet connection in their room. This wired connection is faster, safer, and recommended by the University.
  • Please see the Appropriate Use Policy for more information.
  • This page from Information Security has more detailed information on initial configuration of your router.
  • This page from Information Security has more detailed security recommendations for your router.
How do I set up my router?

Read these instructions.