Last modified: Jun 12, 2018

Welcome to Northeastern University! We are pleased that you have chosen to conduct your research here, and are ready to assist with the transition of any ongoing research.

As soon as you know that you will be transferring to Northeastern, we recommend that you start talking with all of the parties involved with your award:

Contact your Northeastern Grant Officer – Your Grant Officer will guide you through the process of transferring your grant to Northeastern.

Talk to your Dean

Obtain approval from your current institution to relinquish all your grants.  Because awards are made to institutions and not to individual researchers, there must be agreement between yourself and your current institution to relinquish all awards.  Plan on meeting with your department head and/or dean recognizing that all parties must agree on how the award(s) should transfer.

Talk to Your Sponsor’s Program Officer

Inform them of the pending transfer and see if there are any special issues that might delay or not allow the transfer.  Some Sponsors will not allow grants to be transferred so other arrangements, such as identifying a new PI and then issuing a sub-award to NU might be necessary.

Notify All Co-PI’s and sub-awardees

All should be notified of the grant transfer.  Consider other personnel on the grant.  Will they continue to work on the project?  Then a sub-award must be issued back to the current institution once the grant is transferred so they can continue to be paid.

Inform Research Administration

Departmental and Central Research Administration at your current institution need to know that you will be transferring to NU and what the transfer date will be.  Provide contact information to all Research Administrative Personnel at both institutions so they can start discussing the transfer.