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President Aoun shares a dance with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee during an onstage Q&A.
Because of Dr. King I am empowered
Ambassador Aoun
President Aoun leads his first tour group with help from some Husky Ambassadors feeding him lines through a hidden earpiece. Watch the "Ambassador Aoun" video.
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5 prospective students explore Northeastern's campus. Are we ready for the Class of 2025?
Resident President
Northeastern's President Joseph Aoun moves into the Stetson West residence hall. Watch the "Resident President" video.
President Joseph E. Aoun met with internationally renowned stencil artist, Jef Aérosol on the Northeastern University campus on June 8, 2015
September 2014 - President Joseph E. Aoun and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren took a selfie with guests and Federal and state officials.
Veterans Day 2015
Northeastern University held its annual Veterans Day ceremony to honor past and present members of the university community who have served their country.

Presidential Priorities

Globalization of Higher Education

Under President Aoun’s leadership, Northeastern has redefined the global university, expanding co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to more than 128 countries and creating new educational and research partnerships that align with the increasingly global nature of higher education.

President Aoun

Use-Inspired Research

President Aoun has strategically aligned the University’s research enterprise with three global imperatives—health, security, and sustainability. Northeastern focuses on transforming research into commercial solutions that address the world’s most pressing problems.

President Aoun
President Aoun

Experiential Learning

Building on Northeastern’s leadership in cooperative education, President Aoun has made experiential learning the centerpiece for the university’s innovation in higher education. The integration of classroom and real world experiences makes a Northeastern education more responsive to the needs of the 21st century economy.

Innovation In Higher Education

President Aoun is a leading voice on the global and national higher education landscape. He has made Northeastern a model for the 21st century university as an innovative institution that is not afraid to disrupt and chart its own path. Leveraging the university’s model of education, global network and research enterprise, he’s led the launch of regional campuses in Charlotte, Seattle and Silicon Valley.