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Mailing Address:
Research Administration & Finance
360 Huntington Avenue
Research Admin (Pre-award)-490 RP
Research Finance (Post-award) -320 RP
Boston, MA 02115

Office Location
Research Administration & Finance
1135 Tremont Street
Research Admin (Pre-award) - 490 Renaissance Park
Research Finance (Post-award) - 320 Renaissance Park
Boston, MA 02120

The Office of Research Administration and Finance provides support for researchers at Northeastern University. You can find the point of contact for your department, college, or center. You may also find University contacts for specific research related subject matters under the Subject Matter Experts drop-down. If you know the name of your contact, you can find them in the staff listing page. General contact information for the office is listed below.

Office of Research Administration and Finance

Internal Mail:

      Research Admin (Pre-award) - 490 RP


    Research Finance (Post-award) - 320 RP


Phone: 617-373-5600

Research Administration Fax: 617-373-4595

Research Finance Fax: 617-373-2097

Email: oraf@neu.edu

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