Name Phone Email
Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Research 617.373.2127 SVPR
Northeastern University Research Enterprise Services 617.373.5600
Center for Research Innovation 617.373.8810
Office of Human Subject Research Protection 617.373.4588
Office of Research Development 617.373.4824

Associate Deans for Research & College Research Contacts


Name Phone Email
Hilary Poriss, Assoc. Dean , College of Art, Media & Design 617.373.4249
Mark Patterson, Assoc. Dean for Research, College of Science 617.373.3676
Emery Trahan, Assoc. Dean for Research, D’Amore-McKim School of Business 617.373.4568
Tim Bickmore, Assoc. Dean for Research, Khoury College of Computer Sciences 617.373.5477
Margaret Woo, School of Law 617.373.3309
Gene Tunik, Assoc. Dean for Research, Bouvé College of Health Sciences 617.373.2924
Alisa Lincoln, Assoc. Dean for Research, College of Social Sciences & Humanities 617.373.3485
Akram Alshawabkeh, Assoc. Dean for Research, College of Engineering 617.373.3994
Michael Gladstone, Assoc. Dean Adm/Finance, College of Professional Studied 617.373.3303

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