• About the Lab

    Research in our lab is aimed at understanding the basic brain functions and principles of synaptic connectivity in the cerebral cortex through the quantitative analysis of neuron morphology. Ongoing projects range from theoretical and computational studies of learning and memory in real and artificial neural networks, to the analyses of structural connectivity diagrams built from experimental datasets of reconstructed neurons, to the development of algorithms for automated tracing of neurites from 3D light microscopy images. We use methods that are rooted in theoretical physics and machine learning, combined with geometrical techniques and numerical simulations.

    The Neurogeometry lab is part of the Physics Department and the Center for Interdisciplinary research on Complex Systems at Northeastern University in Boston.

  • Contact Information:

    Prof. Armen Stepanyants
    Department of Physics
    Northeastern University
    110 Forsyth St.
    Boston, MA 02115

    Tel: (617) 373-2944
    Fax: (617) 373-2943

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