Lifetime Learning Membership

Learning Opportunities That Last a Lifetime

Sometimes a parent or sibling delays his or her own continued education to support a full-time undergraduate day student. At Northeastern, thanks to the Lifetime Learning Membership, family members can continue working to achieve their advanced educational goals—and receive a 25 percent discount on tuition on more than 110 eligible graduate programs.

The Lifetime Learning Membership allows Northeastern to showcase its commitment to lifetime learning and career development as one of its core values. We are also committed to making education accessible, providing graduate students at different points in their careers with learning formats and locations that meet their needs.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Parents and siblings of full-time undergraduate day students.

What Programs Are Available?

  • There are more than 110 eligible master’s degrees and graduate certificate programs available.  Visit the Eligible Programs page for a complete list.

How Do I Apply?

  • To be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Membership, you will need to provide the Northeastern University ID number of your son, daughter, or sibling (who must be currently enrolled at Northeastern as a full-time undergraduate  day student) at the time of your application.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

  • If you have additional questions regarding the Lifetime Learning Membership, please call 877.634.6865.

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