24-Hour Recalls

We offer data collection via 24-hour recalls or food records, either in person or by telephone. We also process 24-hour recalls or food records after they have been collected using the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR).

Please see below for more information on the software that we use, the portion size tools that we use, the cost of our services and the training that we provide.


We have a license with the University of Minnesota’s Nutrition Coordinating Center (NCC) for the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) that includes state-of-the-art software for data entry and calculation of intakes for 108 nutrients. We use NDSR software to collect dietary data via telephone or in-person 24-hour recalls. This system uses a multiple-pass approach with prompts displayed throughout the interview to assist in data collection and review.

Portion Size Tools

We use Nasco food models (http://www.enasco.com/product/WA21359HR) to assist subjects in identifying their food portion sizes. We also use the Food Portion Booklet which is used to assist with telephone interviews.
Food Portion Booklet


Includes entering food records into the latest version of NDSR software from paper forms; and 5-10% review of food records/recalls, outlier range checks and clean up of entry.
$50/diet day*

Telephone collection, processing and quality control of 24-hour recalls
$90/diet day (includes costs for scheduling/management of calls/supervision & domestic telephone charges)*

*Prices do not include cost for shipping. Please provide a FedEx number for shipping of forms or the price will be added to the service cost.

W-9 Form
Please make checks payable to Northeastern University.

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