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    The mission of the Brudnick Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University is to seek solutions to problems of hostility and hatred based on group differences. Involving faculty from a range of disciplines, the Center will initiate research projects and educational endeavors in the area of inter-group conflict and violence (e.g., inter-group tensions and violence in the schools, state-sponsored terrorism, hate crimes, international conflict and warfare, hate speech on campus, skinhead activity, religious persecution, organized hate groups, and so on). Read more…

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Three Times the Violence – presentation at the American Society of Criminology

On Thursday, November 20th, Brudnick Center co-directors Jack Levin and Gordana Rabrenovic gave a presentation at the annual American Society of Criminology conference in San Francisco, which included a screening of a new documentary short film. The film is entitled Three Times the Violence, and it describes and details the under-reported and largely unnoticed percentage of crimes committed against people with disabilities, and calls us to action to recognize such incidents as hate crimes against a disadvantaged population, deserving of as much attention as hate crimes against other minorities. The full 15-minute video is viewable here:

Three Times the Violence

(The link has recently been changed due to problems experienced by some trying to view the video – the new link should resolve these issues.)

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Scientist Related to Killers Learns he has a Psychopath’s Brain

ABC News, Jack Levin

November 30, 2013

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