Majors and Areas of Study

Our comprehensive range of undergraduate programs includes more than 150 majors as well as interdisciplinary combined majors that connect you to emerging new fields, as well as a 3+3 combined bachelors and juris doctor degree program and 24 PlusOne programs that enable you to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years.

Whether you enter Northeastern focused on a particular major or are undecided about your course of study, our academic diversity and experiential learning options offer you pathways to discover your passion and shape the world before you graduate.

  • Co-op allows you to apply your knowledge via six-month periods of full-time employment. When you return to the classroom, you will build connections to your co-op experience(s) through reflections and applications to the academic curriculum. By the time you graduate, you can gain up to 18 months of professional experience with more than 2,900 employers in finance, industry, government, healthcare, technology, the arts, and media in 176 cities worldwide.
  • Options for conducting cutting-edge undergraduate research with faculty put you at the forefront of discovery with a focus on solving global challenges in health, security, and sustainability
  • Service opportunities connect you with schools, neighborhood agencies, health clinics, and other nonprofit organizations that broaden your understanding of urban communities and issues.
  • Engage with the world and prepare for success in the global economy through global learning alternatives—including co-op, research, and service, plus unique programs like Dialogue of Civilizations.

Chart Your Own Northeastern Path

A Northeastern education is student-focused. With the support of a team of advisers, you choose your path—a four- or five-year program, the number of co-ops and study abroad terms you’d like to complete, and how to best maximize your time here. Time-to-degree varies—and because you only pay for the credits you earn, your tuition costs the same no matter what option you choose.

We know that every student is different. That’s why we empower you to be the architects of your own degree. We offer flexible programs that allow you to create your own course of study as you explore our unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. You have choice and opportunity in how you reach your 128 credits. Whether a four year path or a five year path, we integrate our rigorous academics with real-world experiences giving you the opportunity to earn up to eighteen months of real world experience in our signature co-op program, through global study options, by doing undergraduate research, and/or service learning in cities all across the U.S. and 176 cities around the world.