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2015 Institutional Accomplishments

Excellence By Intention

Our Mission

To educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment

To create and translate knowledge to meet global and societal needs

Strategy For Excellence

"Northeastern has pursued a strategy of building excellence across every dimension of the university. Our strategy is validated by strong recognition and awards. It energizes our determination to keep moving forward."

» President Joseph Aoun

Any display of mastery—the pitch-perfect aria, the swift checkmate, the winning goal—is the product of intent. Though the act may seem effortless and light, it’s the heavy sum of practice, will, and talent. This intentional excellence is what powers the achievements of the extraordinary students, world-class faculty, and dedicated staff of Northeastern, as the facts in this booklet amply demonstrate.

As you read about Northeastern’s progress this year, remember that great accomplishments are rarely accidental. Rather, the pathways to success are deliberately mapped. By expanding our global reach, elevating our research enterprise, and building even stronger relationships with our employer and industry partners, Northeastern’s position has never been stronger. Above all, by focusing on learning designed for the 21st century, we continue to be the world leader in global experiential learning.

Each year, Northeastern broadens its impact in the world and empowers students to build lives of lasting accomplishment. And each year, the passion of our university community and global alumni network makes this happen. Thank you.


Joseph E. Aoun