The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute has always been “committed to intellectually, culturally, and socially inspiring students toward excellence, success, and service [and to] engaging the broader university community, the surrounding urban community, and the world for balanced student and leadership development.”


This is a core part of our mission statement. This year, the Institute is furthering this mission through the following initiatives and programs: The Ujima Global Leaders Program (UGLP): TheUGLP is the next evolution of the over 30-year-old Ujima Scholars Program. The program supports a powerful group of student leaders who have a passion for and focus on global issues, and whose backgrounds represent the diversity the Institute and the UGLP seek to work with.


The Northeastern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA): The NUBAA is a catalyst for black alumni involvement with the university, the Institute, and our students. The reenergizedgroup hosts a Martha’s Vineyard Fundraiser each August and has just established a new student scholarship fund, which has raised nearly $200,000 to date. Special Collections and Multi-Media Study Space: During the coming year’s 2014-2015 Winter Break, the Institute’s longstanding library will follow in the steps of Northeastern’s Snell Library as it undergoes a complete renovation.


The special collections will be maintained in a comfortable, accessible, and secure space while the current space is transformed into a cutting-edge study space and information resource center, complete with a Digital Media Commons. Through these transformations, we hope to further the mission of the Institute and the entire Northeastern community, to strengthen ties to our diverse local and global communities, and to better support the university’s African-American students and students in general on their path to leadership and excellence.

Upcoming Events



ABCC Conference 2015 ABCC Speaker Email Ad

Join us for the Association for Black Culture Centers Conference Boston, MA 




On November 12, 2015 The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute will facilitate a Dress for Success Program for Men of Color 6:00 pm



Join us for the “Achieving Success Through Failure” on November 14, 2015 9 am 


Contact us to Volunteer for JDOAAI’s Spring 2015 Saturday PRI program 8:00 am – 3 pm Paul Robeson Institute



Message of The Week


“You said I’d never be a leader You said I’d never wear a crown If I wanted to be someone I should learn to settle down”~ Mary J Blige


YOU Can Make It To The End!



Student on The Move



Vision is “Transforming the Community through Public Service”

Kylie Webster-Cazeau

       Kylie is a senior at Boston Latin School where she is the captain of the Boston Latin step squad. Over the summer she participated in a powerful service program in Boston, MA. Kylie Webster-Cazeau has dedicated over more than 2,200 state regulations for weeks to aid in Governor Charlie Baker’s regulatory reform initiative.

These are weighty duties for experienced civil servants. Kylie is a determined teenager, Boston Latin School student who was among the 17 Ward Fellows learning firsthand the challenges and rewards of public service.

Kylie has a heart for public service and she believes that new doors of opportunity will continue opening.

Please join us in acknowledging Kylie as our “Student on the Move”


National Partners



The Association for Black Culture Centers (ABCC)




John D. O’Bryant Think Tank For Blacks In Higher Ed (JDOTT)