Northeastern University Growth and Opportunity for Asian American Leaders is a program specifically designed for first and second year Asian American students seeking to gain experience and empower themselves as leaders at Northeastern University and beyond. A cohort of students will be chosen based on their potential as future leaders and need for leadership development. This seven week program will focus on the intersection of leadership and Asian American racial identity through discussions and projects. It will be facilitated by current Asian American student leaders and AAC staff.

Applications for the program are available here. Applications are due Monday, September 25, 2017 at 4:42 pm.

NUGOAL will take place for seven weeks during the Fall Semester.  Applicants must be undergraduates in their first or second year at Northeastern University.

Learning Outcomes

-Students will be able to define leadership in relationship to their own racial identity.

-Students will be able to describe their leadership strengths.

-Students will be able to employ their leadership style and strengths in their daily lives.

-Students will be able to analyze leadership in the Asian American community.

-Students will be able to propose a meaningful intervention for building Asian American leadership capacity.

-Students will be able to assess the need for leadership development within the Asian American community at Northeastern.


NUGOAL Facilitators

Celine Chin

Major: Mechanical Engineering Celine

Celine is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering major hailing from Brookline MA. Before coming to Northeastern, Celine went to Brookline High School where she was a part of the Japanese Language Programs Committee, and also a part of the Chinese Youth Initiative in Chinatown where she did community activism. 

Celine enjoys being involved in the Asian American community and meeting so many passionate and motivated people. She has had the joy of working with student leaders from across the region from her 4 years on the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) executive board, including serving as the SASE Northeast Regional Conference Co-Chair in 2016 and more recently President of the Northeastern SASE chapter. Celine has also served as Pan Asian American Council (PAAC) Representative for SASE, where she was able to connect with many different organizations on campus.  She has also been an Asian American Students in Action (AASIA) mentor. Celine hopes to apply her leadership experience to empower new students through NUGOAL. 

In her spare time, you might find Celine figure drawing at the MFA, crocheting Pokemon or trying new vegetarian recipes. 

Eunji Julia Kim

Hometown: Andover, MA EJK

Major: International Affairs 

Julia is a fourth year International Affairs student who meandered into the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) community and forgot to leave. She first became involved as a peer mentor and later a Co-Chair in the Asian American Students In Action program. She realized the importance of having a space to explore identity and decided she wanted to help create one herself. 

Julia began connecting with other students as they shared stories, curated workshops, and whispered secrets. Helping such a community blossom gave her leadership skills that she wanted to share.

Julia hopes to help foster a similarly welcoming space as one of the NUGOAL Facilitators. Her dream is to empower fellow students as they journey through a period of self-exploration, tapping into their APIDA identity and realizing their potential to become leaders. Whenever she has time, Julia likes to take naps, read articles, and hum music.




Jackie Nguyen

Adity Sampath

Hometown: Stony Brook, NY

Major: Industrial Engineering Adity picture

Adity is a fourth year senior Industrial Engineering major from Stony Brook, NY. She became involved in the Asian American Community through UTSAV South Asian Organization where she found herself in an engaging, tight-knit community that has become the foundation of her experience at Northeastern. 

She grew more active in the Asian American Community by joining the NU GOAL Program in 2015 and as one of UTSAV's representatives on the Pan Asian American Council (PAAC). She continues to remain active in UTSAV, serving on its executive board for the past 2 years, and now acts as its Co-President for the 2017-2018 school year. After a semester away, she can’t wait to come back and further immerse herself in the Asian American community. 

She is so excited to share her experience in this community through NUGOAL and hopes that she can help younger members see the impact that this community can have.


NUGOAL Participants

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