The AAC interns are apart of a dynamic team that assists in impacting the ways that the AAC engages with the Northeastern campus. They working in tandem with the AAC professional staff to ensure that the programs are running smoothly, and that we are impacting the campus to the best of our ability. Additionally, they are charge of a variety of tasks that help keep the AAC running. These tasks range from office duties, to running small programs for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community. 


Check out their blog here to see other posts, and past projects: AAC Intern’s Blog


Amira Roxas

  • Year: 201911717442_1031162396907563_4168548022910960110_o
  • Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ
  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Comfort Food: Ladurée Macarons
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: The AAC is a welcoming place for all students, and I love being part of such a helpful and exciting community.

Alexis Aguila

  • Year: 2018/2019 Alexis
  • Hometown: South River, NJ
  • Major: Physical Therapy
  • Minor: Health Sciences
  • Comfort Food: Sweet Potato Fries
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I enjoy being surrounded by my fellow Asian American students and peers. Working at the AAC gives me the chance to work with, learn from, and share experiences with those within the Asian American community. 

Celina Cheung

  • Year: 2020Celina
  • Hometown: Middletown, New York
  • Major: Sociology
  • Comfort Food: Udon Soup, Macaroni & Cheese
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: The AAC is the hub of the Asian American community at Northeastern, where you can keep up with all of the clubs and their activities. It is a great way to meet new friends as well as catch up with old ones.

Derek Tran

  • Year: 2019derek-tran
  • Hometown: Worcester, MA
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering BS/MS
  • Comfort Food: Pork Belly and Sushi
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: The AAC is the crossroads for many Asian American Clubs and other cultural groups. Working here allows me to meet old and new faces in the community as well as partake in the behind-the-curtain logistics that go on for all the AAC events. 

Emily Chuang

  • Year: 2020image
  • Hometown: Lexington, MA
  • Major: Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Comfort Food: Chocolate, Shin Ramyun, and Guac + Chips
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: The AAC is where I would be able to meet people with different experiences and be up-to-date on events happening in the community. It is also a place where I can learn about my culture and heritage

James Tan

  • Year: 2017 james-tan
  • Hometown: Paramus, NJ
  • Major: Business, Marketing/Entrepreneurship
  • Comfort Food: Lumpiang shanghai and lobster
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: To be closer to the Asian American community on campus and foster deep, lasting bonds with those involved. I love learning about this community and value the relationships I've made over the years.

Jiyoung Lee

  • Year: 2019 10407015_10203178718697392_132840728302969181_n
  • Hometown: Leonia, NJ
  • Major: Computer Science and Communication Studies
  • Comfort Food: Pizza and Mini Corndogs
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I really enjoyed the atmosphere and felt comfortable just being at the AAC and all the people here are so great.

Kathleen "Kat" Mercado

  • Class: 2017/2018kat-mercado
  • Hometown:  Secaucus, New Jersey
  • Major: Physical Therapy
  • Comfort Food: Filipino food and fries
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: Working at the AAC is another way for me to get involved in our awesome and growing Asian American community! The AAC is the best place to meet new friends, learn about different cultures, and participate in all kinds of events!

Timmie Dong

  • Year: 2021Timmie
  • Hometown: Findlay, OH
  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Comfort Food: Ice cream
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I chose to work at the AAC so I could be more involved in the Asian American community. I want to learn more about different cultures and meet lots of new people and learn about their experiences.

Ryan Tan

  • Year: 2020 ryan
  • Hometown: Danbury, CT
  • Major: Business Management
  • Comfort Food: Meat and Shin Ramyun
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: It is always a friendly and welcoming environment that I want to be a part of and help to embrace the rest of the University.