“We strive to be a catalyst in furthering Northeastern’s global footprint, while also expanding our own knowledge and experiences through NU YGL activities.”

Mohammad Al Wazzan, Northeastern University Young Global Leaders

Advancing Yourself and the University

As leaders and active participants in the continuing priority to establish Northeastern as a globally renowned university, you will serve as an advisor to senior leadership on a variety of strategic initiatives. In advancing the international scope of the university, the Northeastern University Young Global Leaders will support all active members to ensure professional–and personal–growth through various development opportunities.      


NU YGL provides an environment for fostering personal and professional relationships with young alumni and peers who have established successful careers across the globe.

“The journalist in me hears the ventures of other YGL members and makes me want to connect them with individuals in my own networks.” Curtis Bergh, Steering Committee


Annual Conference

The Annual NU YGL conference serves as a platform for lifelong and shared learning through professional workshops and social interactions with fellow members, and influential business and university leaders. Sessions are customized to be pertinent and relevant to your career aspirations and business sectors.  

Presidential Partnership

As an appointed member of NU YGL, you are provided opportunities to engage directly with the visionary leader of Northeastern University, President Joseph E. Aoun.

“Involvement is the gateway to opportunity. By being involved, you expand your networks, you help Northeastern, and you help each other.” President Aoun

How You Can Help

President Aoun has identified the continuing globalization of the university as one of his highest strategic priorities, and the Young Global Leaders (NU YGL) is a key component of this strategy. As globally-minded young alumni, you can assist in advancing the university through three key initiatives. 

In demonstrating your willingness to serve as an engaged and active member of the Northeastern University community and the NU YGL, it is important to remember the commitment to service and philanthropy we must also fulfill as leaders. Whether you would like to support a specific student group, professor, or college there are opportunities to make a lasting, personal impact.