Graduate Writing Groups

Join an Interdisciplinary Graduate Writing Group

Graduate Writing Groups Spring 2019 FlyerThe Northeastern Writing Center offers several writing groups each semester for graduate students working on theses or dissertations. These small groups of 3-4 students will meet regularly throughout the semester with one of our Writing Center tutors, and members will take turns sharing their writing with their peers.

A graduate writing group is not a writing course; there are no lectures or homework assignments. Think of a graduate writing group as a group consultation where you can bring a draft and receive feedback from several people. A typical group would meet 5 or 6 times over the semester for 90 minutes at a time.

Spring 2019 Applications

Spring 2019 applications are currently closed. Please reach out if you have any questions about support for writing at the graduate level. We can even provide suggestions about how to form your own accountability group among your peers.


Due to limited availability, participants must apply in advance and agree to commit to the program.

  • You must be actively writing portions of a thesis or dissertation in Spring 2019;
  • You should already have completed required coursework. This program best suits doctoral students who have been enrolled at NU for 3+ years or master’s students who have been enrolled for 1+ years;
  • You must be able and willing to share excerpts of your research with a small group of 3-4 students and a Writing Center consultant (i.e. this group will not work for you if your research must be kept confidential)
  • Individuals who do not show up to two or more group meetings scheduled with the Writing Center consultant may be asked to step down from the group in order to make space for another graduate student on our waiting list.
  • The groups are interdisciplinary, which means that individuals should be willing to work with with people from other disciplines. This means that participants need to be open to reading work that contains different methodologies, approaches, jargon, and values.
Writing Groups in Your Department

A few departments already have dissertation writing groups, so it’s worth checking in with your department to see what support exists. If your program does not yet have writing groups, but you have a large number of graduate students who are interested, we recommend contacting your department to get one started and letting them know that the Writing Center is available to assist in an advisory capacity. We can provide resources on how to set up an effective writing group. Interested graduate students or faculty members can contact Alison Stephens for more information:

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