Introducing Hybrid AWD

What do we mean by “hybrid?”

A hybrid course is one that blends face-to-face (f2f) and online instructional methods, so part of the course work takes place in the physical classroom and part of the work and collaboration takes place virtually. The blend of f2f and online work and the specific sequencing of assignments and schedules in hybrid AWD courses will vary per instructor.

What is important to keep in mind about hybrid classes is that while you will not meet every class time, you must be available to meet. For example, if you enroll in a Wed/Fri sequence, they will not be meeting in person every Wednesday and Friday but must still be free to, depending on particular Unit and class needs. For this reason, we do not reccomend hybrid AWD for students who are on co-op.


What opportunities do hybrid AWD classes offer?

We believe hybrid AWD offers you unique opportunities to engage in the type of experiential and collaborative work that is the hallmark of our AWD classes. For example, hybrid classes will allow for the in-class workshops, peer review, and discussion that help you engage in process-oriented work, while the flexibility allows for individual research outside of class, virtual group collaboration, expanded conference time, etc.

We see the hybrid model as particularly beneficial for students in service-learning sections of AWD; multilingual writers who often seek fully online courses but who may need the added f2f support of a hybrid course; and more generally, students whose future professions draw on the ability to engage meaningfully with peers in a variety of f2f and virtual settings. It may also benefit students who want to experience the rigor of online learning in a lower-stakes model than a fully online course.


Which AWD sections offer hybrid courses?

Starting in Fall 2017, we will offer hybrid versions of ENGW 3304 (Business), ENGW 3308 (Social Sciences) and ENGW 3315 (Interdisciplinary).


How will registration work?

You can register for hybrid AWD the same way you register for traditional AWD classes, and there is a hybrid designation in Banner. You will also be contacted from your instructor prior to the semester’s start to make sure you are aware you are in a hybrid course and understand the expectations of the course.



Email the Director of Advanced Writing in the Disciplines, Laurie Edwards (