The Writing Program at Northeastern University welcomes you to our ongoing conversation about writing and reading in the disciplines and in the world. We are a vibrant, active group of teachers, writers, and researchers committed to supporting your writing throughout your undergraduate experience. The Writing Program comprises two required writing courses (First-Year Writing and Advanced Writing in the Disciplines), a university Writing Center, and an undergraduate writing journal, NU Writing.

Our First-Year Writing courses are designed to engage students as active participants in academic and public discourses. We believe student writers have important things to say, and so we seek to put them in conversation with each other, with their instructors, and with published writers and thinkers. Our Advanced Writing in the Disciplines courses build on this foundation by asking students both to study and to produce academic, professional, and public discourses related to their disciplines. Our Writing Center supports writers on any writing project at any stage of the writing process. It is a place where writers write, get response to their writing, and talk with other writers. Our undergraduate journal, NU Writing, is another vehicle for writers to be writers; through it, we share students’ writing with the world.

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