Ventures Seeking Mentors

Ventures seeking Mentors

The VMN is a university-wide group of mentors with entrepreneurship and innovation experience, skills and expertise across a variety of industries and application areas. Interested in learning more about the mentoring process? Check out next steps below!

Be a Venture


1. Tell us more about your business.

Email us at with basic information about your venture and your mentoring needs.


2. Connect with the VMN.

We will contact you to schedule a phone or video call to better understand your business mentoring needs.

Work with ventures on executing business model milestones.


3. Get started with
a mentor!

We’ll introduce you to a mentor and you’ll kick things off with a conversation.

Ventures we've worked with

The Unsize VMN mentor team helps support my growth as an entrepreneur by facilitating connections, asking hard questions, and sharing their own experiences.

Katie Wilhoit, Co-Founder of Unsize


Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment?
You define the timing of your mentoring experience with your VMN mentors.

You will meet a variety of different mentors who will work with you as long as takes to fulfill well-defined mentor needs. Your first few meetings with your first mentor will focus on defining very specific mentor needs so that we build the best mentor team possible to help you and your business succeed.
How quickly will I be matched with a mentor?
You will be matched with a mentor within 2-3 weeks after your introductory call with VMN staff.
What kinds of mentor industries, skills, and expertise exist in the Network?
The VMN manages a database rich with mentor experience and skills interacting with Northeastern’s portfolio of ventures, combining for a powerful tool to match mentors to ventures and create high functioning teams.

VMN mentors are alumni and friends of Northeastern who volunteer their time and expertise to help Northeastern ventures grow and succeed.

Mentor quality is critical. VMN mentors’ careers represent a wide range of experiences as founders, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, CTOs, general counsel, and directors or advisors of successful companies to leading program or product innovation at successful companies.

Get involved as a Venture

Interested in building a mentor team via the VMN? Or would you like additional information about the VMN program? Email with a short description of your venture,  and the VMN Team will connect with you shortly!