Hot/Cold: Information Design for Dynamic Media and Light


The collaboration with Philips Color Kinetics focuses on responsive, interactive, and public display using dynamic lighting at the architectural scale. A team of students will develop and implement design proposals that should conclude with a temporary installation on Ryder Hall on Northeastern University’s campus. This activity is embedded in a studio course on the design of interactive information displays in different contexts and at different scales, ranging from visualizations for personal, mobile devices to information displays on the urban scale. The class results can inform a broader discussion about identity and guidance systems for the campus that appeal through their abstract simplicity and dynamic responsiveness.

The Team

  • Miriam Zisook

  • Ashley Treni

  • Lauren McCafferty

  • Esat Karaman

  • Vivian Sun

  • Rania Masri

  • Dietmar Offenhuber

    Faculty Advisor

  • Susanne Seitinger

    Philips CK

  • Zachary Fox

    Teaching Assistant

  • Gadi Baron


  • Peter Schmitt