Data Orchestra | Northeastern Energy Flows


As part of the ‘Northeastern Energy Flows’ research project this interactive data visualization system provides access to fine grain data on energy consumption, building occupancy, climatic conditions and social activities. Like a musical notation for orchestra, the data rows of the system (like the staffs for different instruments) in conjunction with the map allow to explore multiple dimensions in parallel. This helps in obtaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics related to energy consumption, to foster engagement across disciplinary boundaries and to support decision making. The project currently uses the Northeastern University campus in Boston as a ‘city-in-a-city’ testbed.

More information about this project can be found here.

The Team

  • Kristian Kloeckl

    Principal Investigator

  • Jeffrey Weng

    Research Assistant

  • Mavez Dabas

    Research Assistant

  • Peyton Tiroff

    Research Assistant

  • Yuecan Fan

    Research Assistant

  • Corey Hoard

    Research Assistant