Scholarships and Aid

During this period of uncertainty, Northeastern recognizes that many people are struggling in ways they could not have anticipated. We remain committed to providing as much support as possible to our learners to ensure that they continue to gain skills, competencies, and experience as they navigate the complexities of today’s uncertain economy.

Below is a list of the scholarships and financing options available at Northeastern in Vancouver:

Pathway to Tech Scholarship

This scholarship was established to support and assist learners without a computer science background, and provide them with a pathway to a career in tech.

With a total value of $100,000, the scholarship will be awarded to up to 20 students, starting their Align Master of Science in Computer Science January 2021, in Vancouver, BC. Learn More

Inclusive Computer Science Scholarship

This scholarship was established to support the next generation of inclusive tech leaders, help them grow in their career in AI and other transformational technologies, and empower them to build a more equitable society.

With a total value of $30,000, the scholarship will be awarded to up to 6 students starting their Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science in January 2021, at Northeastern in Vancouver, BC. Learn More

Double Husky Scholarship

The Double Husky Scholarship is helping Northeastern alumni finance their graduate education by providing a tuition discount of up to 25 percent on more than 100 eligible degree programs. As an alumnus or alumna of Northeastern, you are automatically considered for the scholarship when you apply to one of the eligible graduate degree programs. Learn more.

Tuition and fees are set on an annual basis by Northeastern University’s Board of Trustees. For the current estimated cost of your program of choice, please refer to the individual program pages on this site: Financial aid is available.

Canada Financial Aid

Government Student Loans and Grants

You may be eligible for Government assistance in the form of a repayable student loan.  Eligibility is determined by the Provincial and Federal Government through standardized criteria. To be assessed for government assistance you must apply direction to the assistance provider in your home province.  With a single application you are evaluated for both Provincial and Federal loan eligibility. Canadian Student Loans – If you apply for a loan you are responsible for understanding how your province’s loan program works.

Student Aid BC

Northeastern programs in Vancouver are eligible through Student Aid BC. Both MS in Computer Science and Align MS in Computer Science students are eligible.

Indigenous Learners

Information on student loans and scholarships for Indigenous learners can be found here.

Accessibility Awards

Information on awards for persons with accessibility requirements can be found here.