Scholars T-Shirt Design Competition!

T-Shirt Contest

  • The contest is for two designs to be printed on our University Scholars Welcome Event T-shirts – one for current scholars, and one for admitted scholars.
  • Your T-shirt design should be original, and not infringe the copyright, trade mark or other right owned by a third party.
  • The design can use any color, but please try not to exceed a total of 4.
  • The T-Shirts can be printed on a variety of colored fabric. So, if your design is to have a particular color in the background, please let us know with your submission.
  • The design can be for the front of the T-Shirt, front and back or just the back.  Just make it clear in your submission.
  • Design should be 100% to size.
  • The maximum size of your design should be 12”x 12”.
  • Submissions should be received by Friday, 28th February 2014.
  • Participants must submit their design in hard copy to Richards 411D and as a digital file here.
  • The University Scholars Program’s team of excellent advisors will choose the winning designs.
  • Modifications to the design to conform to branding or printing constraints may be required.
  • Only University Scholars are allowed to participate in the contest.


 How many designs can single individuals submit to the contest? The contest is for the design of two University Scholars T-shirts to be worn during the Welcome Event – one for current scholars and one for admitted scholars.  So, each scholar may submit up to two designs.

How many designs can a pack submit? In theory, each member of each pack can enter the context with two designs.

What is the reward for the winning design? The winning pack will win precious points towards the goal of securing the University Scholars Cup (made at Diablo Glass).  The individuals behind the winning designs will gain fame, gratitude and something else TBA.

Will the designs only be used on T-shirts? The primary purpose of the design is for T-shirts.  However, if inspiration strikes us, we may later on choose to use it on a number of different types of merchandise, such as mugs and so on.

Should the design contain references to the University Scholars Program? Yes. You could do this with the text or the logo integrated into the design.