The Scholars Ground Rules

During our orientation session, our group of Scholars established a set of common ground rules that will govern our interactions with one another over the course of the year.

Scholars Ground Rules 2013

How do we create a group culture that is rigorous, supportive, exciting, and collaborative?

  1. Be timely.
  2. Positive energy and outlook, keeping an open mind.
  3. Be able to be critical but don’t be competitive.
  4. Absorb and enjoy the experience.
  5. Mutual Respect: Encourage, support, and value one another.
  6. Be actively engaged in the program: be honest, ask questions, take initiative, connect outside of meetings.
  7. Make connections: take advantage of the network of University Scholars and reach out to the greater community.
  8. Acknowledge and honor each scholar’s diverse experiences and backgrounds.