Eligibility and Guidelines

Who can apply to the Scholars Research Travel and Support Fund?

  • SRSTF awards are open to currently enrolled University Scholars in good standing.
  • Students must provide evidence of their acceptance to present at the event OR fully justify why funds are needed to support the execution of their research project.
  • Applications must explain how attendance at the event will benefit the student's academic or professional development.
  • Preference will be given to events that minimize travel time and costs (e.g., a conference in New York is preferred over a similar one in San Francisco).
  • Students who have not been previously been funded by SRSTF are given priority.
  • Hackathons: While different from traditional academic conferences, hackathons can be beneficial opportunities for students to acquire and develop technical skills and to connect with leaders in their fields. University Scholars may therefore apply for SRSTF funding for travel to one hackathon per academic year. Applications must clearly explain the expected academic and professional benefit of attending the event. Requests for travel to a hackathon must comply with all SRSTF guidelines, and students are strongly encouraged to apply for travel assistance from the hackathon organizers and other sources.

How does the funding work?

  • SRSTF grant applications will be reviewed by the Scholars Program. Funding is not guaranteed and you will receive a response funding, partially funding, or denying your request.
  • SRSTF grants will not in ordinary circumstances exceed $500.
  • Scholars may not receive funding from both the SRSTF and the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Conference Travel Fund for the same conference.
  • Students will pay for the majority of the expenses upfront, and expenses will be reimbursed to the student upon submission of proper documentation and a university expense form.
  • Students are expected to travel in the most economical way: for example, sharing hotel rooms with other attendees and taking public transportation rather than cabs. Expenses incurred not in accord with this principle will not be reimbursed.
  • Departments, programs, and colleges may also contribute to students' travel and research expenses. If any additional support is expected from an outside source, please note this on your application.
  • Supported research must take place under the guidance and supervision of a member of the Northeastern University faculty and must adhere to all university requirements, including policies related to the ethical conduct of research and the use of human subjects.

When do you apply?

  • Students must apply at least one month before they are scheduled to depart (for travel funds) or the purchase is made.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Travel support cannot be provided for travel that has already occurred.



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