Project FIT

We are a group of students dedicated to the well being of senior citizens in the Boston area. Our curriculum seeks to promote physical activity and a wider range of mobility for the participants. We look to strengthen their bodies and promote a healthier lifestyle, while incorporating a social component. Through our program, we promote social connections among participants and the students that implement the curriculum. More than just an exercise program, we want to promote the entire well being of our participants through physical, social and emotional interactions.

Service Project Details:

This year, we are seeking to further expand our program to various locations. We are looking for students who can help us network and find organizations to work with, as well as students who can implement our exercise curriculum.

At the beginning we will be networking and reaching out to various organizations and once we establish places that would be suitable for our program, we will learn the curriculum and begin its implementation.

When teaching the class, there are normally groups of two to three students that lead the class. Each student is responsible for a certain part of class and tasks are divided among the three.

Timeline and Commitment Details:

We will be meeting once a week in order to touch base, address any issues and plan the weekly classes with the smaller student cohorts. Classes will be held on Saturdays.

Who should apply?

We are looking for 10-15 students to help us network and implement the curriculum. People who are interested in fostering connections and engaging with others will be great in this role. We are looking for enthusiastic people who can lead a class and promote interactions between the participants as well as with the other students.

Why apply?

This project is a great way to get to know Boston and the people living here. It allows us to learn from others and discover the amazing and quirky stories our participants love telling us. This project allows us to disconnect from the pressures of school for an hour or two a week and make a difference in the lives of our participants by promoting healthy living. Throughout the year, you will not only see the progress our participants make in terms of mobility, but you will also see them get excited and eager for that one hour a week you come teach.

Team Leaders:

Cindy Wu

Tavia Allen