Millennium Campus Conference Reflections: James Evans

University Scholar James Evans

University Scholar James Evans

During the weekend of November 1st, a group of University Scholars had the opportunity to attend the Millennium Campus Conference, hosted at Northeastern University (and organized, in part, by Scholar Ian McLarney). Here are a few reflections from students who had the opportunity to explore new paradigms for global development in conversation with experts and peers.

My experience at the Millennium Campus Conference was very enjoyable and eye-opening. While I didn’t get my first choices in seminars and the seminars I attended weren’t particularly in correlation with my studies, I did take a lot away from what I was able to attend. The two interactive workshops I attended dealt a lot with women, both with teaching girls they have the power to determine their own line of sexual activity and empowering girls and women to seek an education. It was awkward, to say the least, to be one of the handful of guys in each session, but I did gain knowledge from this. I learned that, as a guy, there are certain things that I can do to ensure that women in my life feel like they have their own freedom and power. I also learned that, since it is so rare, there is a certain power when a man will take a stand for the rights of women.

During my experience at Millennium, I was also able to convene with organizations from all over the map, exchange information with them, and gauge the interest of many of my fellow Huskies, as well as students from the area and beyond. I felt it was a very good opportunity to begin phases of a group wanting to make a change in the world. I ended up taking information from many organizations, like END7 (which is already in the beginning phases of planning on campus), Triple Impact, Reach the World, and H2O for Life. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and, given the opportunity, I would definitely attend again.

By James Evans, Psychology, University Scholar from Ewing, New Jersey