University Scholar/Mentor Engagement Fund

The University Scholar Mentor Engagement (US/ME) Fund is designed provide support for informal intellectual faculty-student interactions for University Scholars and their mentors outside of the classroom. See below for a few of the initiatives this program supports.

Design Your Own US/ME Event
With advance notice and submission of an online application, funding is available to professors who wish to enhance their interactions with their Scholar/Scholars beyond the classroom. Funding requests should not exceed $250. Acceptable funding requests are:

· Field trips (e.g., museum, concert, theater, cultural event)
· Informal outings (e.g., apple picking, bowling, pizza)
· Joint attendance at a campus event (debate, performance, research presentation, film, conference)

To Apply for USME Funding
Please fill out the online application for funding. If approved, you will be reimbursed by the Scholars Program following the submission of an expense report and original receipts. Please allow two (2) weeks for funding requests to be processed when planning your event.

UNALLOWABLE: Types of events and expenses not supported by the USME Fund:
· In-class parties, refreshments for classes, readings, lectures.
· Faculty-only events, or events primarily for faculty and staff.
· Student-only events, or events sponsored by student organizations.
· Research expenses.
· Student publications.