Who are the University Scholars?

The University Scholars Program comprises a cohort of Northeastern’s most outstanding and high-achieving undergraduates. Drawing from the top 1-2% of the university’s applicant pool, we seek students who not only possess a strong academic record but also are creative leaders with the vision, confidence, maturity and resourcefulness to connect with others and make a positive difference in the world. University Scholars hail from across the United States and around the world and study in all of Northeastern’s colleges. Each University Scholar receives a full tuition scholarship and is expected to maintain at least a 3.2 GPA, give 100 hours per academic year in service, and contribute to the fullest extent possible their talents to our community.


In addition to financial assistance, we have promised these Scholars the freedom to forge their own unique path through Northeastern with access to the university’s premiere educational and international opportunities. In practical terms, this has meant helping students devise and fund independent research and creative endeavors, providing workshops and trainings on core competencies of leadership, arranging access to visiting speakers, and advising on coursework as well as fellowship opportunities. Our goal is to create an engaged, supportive learning community where students make lifelong intellectual engagements and friendships. The metrics of our success will be academic excellence, the completion of independent research, exemplary commitments to service, student-driven innovations, and competitiveness for prestigious scholarships, graduate schools, and work placements.

In order to make this vision a reality, we have also promised the Scholars direct access to the university’s most valuable resource: you, its outstanding faculty. Each Scholar is matched with a faculty mentor because, time and again, studies have shown the dramatic impacts that mentorship can have in the lives of students. Mentorship:

  • significantly improves academic performance and GPAs
  • leads to more completed years of education by mentees
  • increases mentee work ethic
  • promotes and polishes necessary social skills.

In what follows, we hope to clarify the parameters of mentorship and provide some useful tools for you to create a productive and meaningful relationship with your mentee.