Mentoring Expectations

When mentoring a University Scholar, we ask that you meet with your mentee at least twice per semester.

It is often helpful for the mentor and mentee to begin their relationship by jointly creating a mentoring action plan that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the mentorship. In addition, you might consider what your own goals and objectives are and articulate some learning activities you hope to provide to your mentee, a list of topics or questions you would like to discuss, and desired outcomes for the mentorship. Cultivating a productive relationship is, of course, a joint responsibility between mentor and mentee; some of the mentor’s key functions include:

  • Guiding a mentee’s problem-solving and decision-making processes by asking insightful and open-ended questions
  • Serving as a role model for academic and professional speech and behavior
  • Giving objective feedback and practical suggestions
  • Facilitating your mentee’s self-reflection on his or her progress and goals
  • Displaying a sincere and enthusiastic interest in your mentee

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