Husky Hockey

Scholars Ian McLarney and Dan Polnerow at Fenway

I have had a blast at Northeastern so far.  I managed to keep myself busy with more than just homework by participating in intramural sports, attending events both on and off campus, and joining the Baja SAE project team.  While just about everything I’ve experienced has made me happy that I came here, the single event that made me the happiest about attending Northeastern was the first men’s hockey game I went to: a 3-1 upset victory over #1 ranked Boston College.

It was the first event that really made me feel like I was at college, not just a larger high school with harder classes and a lot more resources.  Being a part of that rowdy crowd, 5,000 passionate students strong, and helping our underdog team to a victory filled me with pride for Northeastern.  It was the first time I realized that there were students here (and a lot of them) who cared about Northeastern as their school and not just as a means for them to get a job.  I had always hoped that the student body at the college I attended would be passionate about their school and be proud to be there.  That first hockey game convinced me I made the right choice.

By Daniel Polnerow, Mechanical Engineering, University Scholar from Boylston, Massachusetts