Final Fall SAGE Event: Building the Scholars Cup

For our Final Fall 2013 SAGE Event (identifying Skills, Accomplishments, and Goals for Enterprise), Second-Year Scholars participated in a collaborative design process with a team of artisans and designers from the Diablo Glass School in nearby Roxbury. One group of 15 Scholars conceptualized the color of the piece, while the other group of 15 Scholars collaborated on the form of the glass piece. The design parameters were as follows:

  • The sculpture needed to embody the values of the Scholars Program, as it will be passed on annually to the winner of the Scholars' Spring Pack Competitions
  • Approximately 14" tall.
  • Practicable to produce in two-hours.

The color team settled on a scheme that moved from black to red to orange to yellow. They believed this color design would symbolize the intellectual growth and process of enlightenment that our program aims to foster.

On the design side, the team suggested a cube positioned on its side, with spiraling wings moving upward from its side. The Scholars wanted the design to articulate their sense of the group's overflowing potential, movement upward and outward towards public achievement, and the sense of community and belonging we have created amongst our group.  Below, please find a gallery of some images from our time working together.